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This four year journey began with a desire to improve on my teaching of mathematics. I am a qualified mathematics and physical science teacher and have taught both subjects at matric level. Joining MCS as a maths teacher increased my passion for the subject and sparked a willingness to see my learners excel. I approached UKZN and to my surprise they recommended a PhD in mathematics education since I was already in possession of a Masters degree in Education Leadership, Management and Policy Development. I did primary research and collected data on the teaching of functions in various schools. Part of the journey was reading a lot around the area of teacher knowledge focussing on how mathematics is taught in countries like China and Japan, given their history of excelling in international science and mathematics assessments. The study resulted in the formulation of a new knowledge domain and a development of a new model of reflective practice in teaching. My teaching practice has been immensely enhanced by the knowledge gained and am very grateful to the teachers who participated in the study.

The journey was long and difficult yet exciting and definitely worth it. The thesis is dedicated to all my past, current and future learners including my biological children. If I at my age and with all my responsibilities could pursue and achieve such an ambitious goal, only the sky is the limit for them. The inspiration to persevere also came from my family, especially my supportive husband, friends and amazing colleagues at MCS.

Dr H.A. Nguse

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