A letter of appreciation from Adele de Marillac

As most of you know, I have been on the MCS staff team for 20 years this year, and have had many different experiences over the years.

Some highlights I remember are the days when Dave Meaker was the Head Master and had a whole string of events leading up to the day when he was threatened, believe it or not, through the church, by the “Curry Mafia.” The days when we would get to school and find that the locks had been changed or all the school crockery removed and locked away in the church building. The cuts in salary, or salaries delayed by a month. The Staff Meetings which would start after school and would often ramble on into the darkening winter dusk, with my children waiting alone outside the school building for Mom to finish the meeting. The days when “cardboard city” was a known phenomenon at MCS and the time I prayed for my class of 10 pupils, of which only one was a girl, to increase.
By the end of the year, God had answered my prayers and I had a class of 20 and many more girls.

The days when the Interhouse sports challenges were so big, that my son, Jean-Michel, collapsed after the 400m track event at the Inter-house Athletics event. The days of swimming and encour- aging my sons to do well. They both achieved Victor Ladorum 2 years in a row. I was a proud Mom and teacher.

As many of you know, my life had many ups and downs through my journey with MCS. Both my sons went through the school from Grade R to Matric and we, as parents, were often called in to see the teacher! An embarrassing moment being a teacher and a parent, as many of you may know and relate to.

Through all this, the teaching staff and school board remained very supportive and caring and the genuine love of our Lord showed through. In any other school, I probably would have been asked to leave, at times when I went through rough patches. MCS remained faithful and saw me through and supported me and built me up to become a confident, God-fearing and serving woman.

I will never have enough words to express my gratefulness and appreciation in all that MCS has done for me as a person and for how the staff upheld me in all the down times. I learnt a very important thing in that one must live your Christian life, as an example to others, and in that way you will influence positive change in others. I learnt to become a positive influence, even to those problematic learners, in whom I often saw change by the end of the year.
Maritzburg Christian School has been an amazing part of my life and when I look back over the years, I appreciate every person that I have worked with and every child I have taught, even the tough ones. It has been an amazing experience to see them come back as adult men and women and hear how they still miss Grade 5 and I get a great, big bear hug! The staff and learners have all influenced me to grow positively and become a more mature and balanced person and I now feel ready to launch in to new experiences and a new chapter of my life.

A letter of appreciation from J. Sivechurran

For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven (Ecclesiastes 3:1).
As my season at MCS comes to an end, I look back over the past three years spent at this remarkable school with fond memories. The day I interviewed at MCS, praise and worship practice was in progress and my first thought was, “What a privileged it would be to teach at a school where there is liberty to glorify God so boldly.” My second thought was, “What talented learners this school has.”  
My opinion since then has not changed, from daily devotions with the learners to staff devotions and incredibly insightful assemblies, I can only describe MCS as an oasis. The welcoming and supportive staff create such a nurturing environment for learners and each other that I immediately I felt at home here.
Since those first days I have grown tremendously as a professional, on a personal level and, most importantly, in my walk with Christ. This growth is a result of the excellent mentorship I have received at MCS.
I have also experienced many challenges as a teacher but through them I have learnt not to rely on my own strength, but rather the strength of God, which is made perfect in my weakness. This is a lesson I will take with me as I embark on a new adventure.
As I say goodbye, I would like to thank all my colleagues for enriching my years at MCS with fun and friendship. To my students I would like you all to know that each and every one of you has brought a smile to me. I leave you with Psalm 34:10 “… those who seek the Lord lack no good thing.” Be Blessed.
With Love…
Miss. J. Sivechurran


A letter of appreciation from Jan Griffin

One of the greatest joys as an educator is to teach young people for a number of years and to see their growth and development. I have had the privilege of teaching Grade 7’s for 6 years, and prior to that, Grade 8’s and 9’s. Some of these learners have stayed in my classes as they have taken Maths Literacy as a subject to Grade 12. It has been so rewarding to witness these learners change from hesitant Grade 9’s to confident Grade 12’s, ready to take on the world.
One of our topics for discussion every year has always been: “So what can I do with Maths Lit?” The answer is: quite a lot! Our past Maths Literacy learners are young men and women who have started down the path of achieving their goals and dreams and they tend to be very creative and entrepreneurial! Many of our Maths Literacy learners have taken the world by storm and include the following: Ms Norma Khumalo (an Idols winner), a number of professional soccer players, South African paddlers, various entrepreneurs, an actor from previous seasons of Generations, and a TV presenter.
In the 13 years that I have been at MCS, the school has grown from strength to strength. The High School has moved out of the Church’s building and what was known as “cardboard city”. We have added classes in the High School and have also increased the size and scope of the school library.
I will remember my years at MCS with fondness and the students will always have a special place in my heart.