Author - Donell Jackson Headboy

“Mr and Mrs Hinde,
Dr and Mr Nguse,
Members of the board,
Heads of Departments,
Amazing teachers,
my supportive family
and to the class of 2020.
Before I say anything, I’d like to thank you all. Thank you classmates for voting for me, thank you to management and teachers for trusting me with the responsibility and to my fellow prefects for respecting me and allowing me to lead you guys.


Starting at the beginning of my MCS journey, I’m very grateful for Mrs Martin and the primary school teachers for setting a great foundation. A special mention to Mr Upton, who from day 1, knew I was going places, thank you sir. 
From then on, our HOD for about 3 times in a row, Mrs Savage should also be appreciated, for having to handle us as naughty as we were, and moulding us into the responsible young children that we are now. And for taking us through Matric, I thank Mrs Nguse, it takes resilience and dedication to do your job ma’am and on behalf of all of us a very big thank you. And although we didn’t get to have our Matric Ball, a special thank you to Miss Shange for the fundraising and that young surprise you gave us during the first two weeks back at school! And supporting me and cheering me on and dealing with me throughout high school, I’d like to thank my mother and my sister, for being one of few constants in my life.

Now with my thanks out of the way,
Today I’d just like to leave my class with a few words for the future.
Guys, I’m so proud of us. This year was supposed to be something of a nightmare for us, but in this year I’ve been more exposed to our character as a generation than ever. With a special thanks to Mrs Rodrigues, Mrs Alexander I’ve seen every single one of us speak out against causes passionate to us, be it black lives matter, or gender based violence, we’ve kept the conversation going and shown determination to be the change factor. I ask that we all keep this fire within us. We’re going into a world where the only means of acceptance is conformity, but we need to remember to stay true to our truest selves, as I’ve seen us do so many times this year. If we lead with the love we’ve shown each other, we will change the status quo and create a better city, country or even world.

I wish each and every one of you luck, I pray God’s richest blessings over you, peace and prosperity, till we all meet again. Mrs Hinde, thank you for your leadership, you run the school on such a way that everyone else can feel comfortable and safe, and we thank you for that. My one and final act as head boy, is a challenge to MCS. The Bible says in Romans 2:11, “God shows no partiality”

I hope that as a school we can continue to dismantle discrimination against youth for their race, sexuality, or class.
Remember to lead with your heart.
Once again, Thank you.”

Author - Tatum-Shae Petersen - Headgirl

Good evening to everyone.

Firstly like to thank the sports department that have become our health and safety department for all the effort they have out in to keep us safe upon our return to school.   I would also like to thank Mrs Hinde, the health and safety committee, Miss Kinners, Mrs Myburgh and the ground staff who were involved in making this evening possible and a success. My next thanks goes to MCS for making me the person I am and giving me the opportunity lead our school along side our amazing head boy, Donell.
The first part of my speech will be addressed to matric students who have been part of my life since grade 3. You will always hold a special place in my heart and I will always cherish the memories that we have made. To the matrics of 2020, this has not been an easy year at all. I think this year says a lot about who we are and what you can accomplish despite all the hardships.  I would like to say thank you for filling my year with the most amazing memories. To all the ladies in my grade I would like to thank you for being the most amazing sisters one could ask for and to all the boys, I would like to thank you for being amazing brothers and looking after us as if we were your very own sisters.  Your love and effort does not go unnoticed.


I would now like to share two things have kept me motivated throughout the year.  With that being said I would just like to remind you that in everything you do make sure that you submit it to God because we can accomplish anything through him who gives us strength.
The first quote that I have was written by Nelson Mandela and the quote reads:
“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”
The second piece is a message that my grandmother had sent to me earlier this year and it reads:
“There are only a few weeks left.  Forget all other things and only give your utmost best.  Run like those that want to win not like those that just want to compete.  This is a unique time, let all that is not exams, and take second place. Only once do you stand in front of this beacon. It is the last of 12 gates but it will be the first of many new ones ahead.  This will determine your future. The one and only future we all have.”

Obtaining your matric will be one of your most important achieves and will definitely be worth all the hard work and sacrifices.  With that being said I would like to thank Mrs Hinde for making this year run as smoothly as possible and keeping our best interest in your heart.

My next thanks goes to Mrs Nguse for always being in my corner when I needed her as well as for the rest of the grade.
All the countless sacrifices that were made to ensure that we as a grade were in no way disadvantaged.  This is where I would like to thank Mrs Alexander and Mrs Rodrigues for giving up countless Saturday mornings to teach us poetry and to Mrs Hinde for making and delivering amazing snacks for us.

In addition I would like to thank our amazing registration teacher for always being there for us and for making us feel special; we appreciate everything you have done for us.
My next teacher is Mr V. Thank you for always giving us words of encouragement. This year I learnt that little things you do make the biggest difference.
Miss Ngcobo. Thank you for all our art classroom conversations as they always found a way to make me laugh.
Miss Sibiya. When you walked into our classroom we all knew that we are either getting an assignment or you have come to collect our work. We tried our best to dodge and disappear but you have always found us. Thank you for never giving up on us.
The last two teachers, Miss Ludick and Mr Delport.  I would like to thank you for dealing with all our unnecessary drama and giving your utmost best to help us.

My last thanks goes to all the parents.  Thank you for believing in us and never giving up on.  It is you that realised and saw our real value. It is you who have made us who we are today and I would like to thank you for that.  My next thanks goes to my family. I know that I have not been the easiest child to deal with but I would like to thank you for giving me your unlimited love and support.  What you have done for me will never go unnoticed and unseen.

In closing, my parting sentiment to MCS is that God has taught us to extend ourselves beyond any obstacle we will encounter.  Therefore stand up confidently and finish your race and in the words of my grandmother, do not compete but be a winner and finish strong.