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Growing in Faith, Learning with Purpose

The opportunities for young people to develop in various, unique directions are supported in every dimension, and learners are intrinsically involved in leadership.

Academic Success

Focus on attending classes regularly, completing assignments on time, and studying effectively for exams.


Participating in extracurricular activities can help you develop important skills, build friendships, and make your college applications stand out.

Planning for the future

School is also a time to start thinking about your future plans. Consider your interests and strengths and begin exploring potential career paths or college majors.

What our School can offer

Shortly About Us

MCS is an independent, co-educational Christian school located on Topham Road, Pietermaritzburg, catering for learners from Grade 4 through to Grade 12.


We are affiliated with ISASA. The Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa is the largest and oldest membership organisation for private schools in the region. ISASA serves over 850 member schools across a broad range of socio-economic and cultural communities. Our matrics write the IEB Exams. MCS was founded in 1987 as a non-denominational, co-educational, multi-racial, Christian primary school. The high school opened in 2001 and our first matriculants wrote in 2005. We are a small, connected school, with a strong pastoral emphasis alongside the academics and sporting pillars that provide the foundations that young people need to mature spiritually, mentally, and physically. Class sizes are limited to 26, and with no more than two classes per grade, every child is known.

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Admissions Available

We are thrilled that you are considering our school for your child’s education. Maritzburg Christian School, we strive to provide a safe, inclusive, and supportive learning environment that fosters academic excellence, critical thinking, and personal growth.

Term 1 Dates

17 Jan – 20 Mar

Term 2 Dates

16 Apr – 21 Jun

Term 3 Dates

16 Jul – 20 Sep

Term 4 Dates

1 Oct – 29 Nov


Sports We Offer

Have a look at a few of the sports we offer. Be sure to visit our Extra-Curricular page to learn more!


Join our school’s thriving netball team and discover the fast-paced, dynamic and teamwork-driven sport that promotes physical fitness, strategic thinking and communication skills on and off the court.


Join our school’s passionate soccer community and experience the world’s most popular sport, as you develop your skills, teamwork and sportsmanship on the field.


Join our school’s passionate indoor hockey community and explore the fast-paced and competitive sport that promotes fitness, skill development, and teamwork.


Discover the excitement and teamwork of basketball with our school’s competitive and dynamic basketball program.


Get in on the action and join our school’s dynamic rugby team, where students can develop their physical fitness, teamwork and leadership skills while playing one of the most exciting and challenging sports around.


Dive into the world of aquatic sports with our school’s top-notch swimming program, designed to help students develop their swimming technique, endurance and overall fitness.

What our School can offer

Learn About Academics

Maritzburg Christian School offers a balanced curriculum focusing on the needs of all learners. We identify the strengths and weaknesses of all the children in our care, and concentrate on developing these areas so that each child is given the opportunity to reach their full potential. Our small classes enable our teachers to achieve this goal and to establish a nurturing relationship with each child in the class. 

Our children receive meaningful spiritual input every day and our teachers incorporate Christian principles into their lessons through Bible-centred teaching. God remains the most important person in our classrooms and the children are encouraged to glorify Him in whatever they do. MCS Academics – The subjects we offer through the different grades, and the strategies we have in place to enable each learner to achieve their God-given potential.

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